On Saturday September 20th, four baby Eastern Box Turtles emerged from a nest, followed by a fifth baby on Sunday September 21st.


An adult female Eastern Box Turtle was observed laying eggs near the entrance to Egret Espy Path on July 4th by Brian Williamson, Research Scientist at The Wetlands Institute.


Brian is a turtle specialist and documents turtle activities at the Sanctuary. The Wetlands Institute placed a protective cage around the nest to keep predators like skunks and raccoons from eating the eggs. A sign was placed on the enclosure to explain what was in the enclosure, including a phone number to call should anyone see hatchlings inside the cage.


Meanwhile, members of The Wetlands Institute staff checked the cage for hatchlings because once they hatch in a trapped environment they can dehydrate and die. A member of the public noticed the hatch and alertly called The Institute on September 20th.

You will be pleased to know that the hatchlings were released into the Sanctuary on Sunday.