Sanctuary Gardens



The gardens at the Sanctuary have been carefully designed to provide an array of services for the resident and migratory birds, butterflies and insects that use this refuge.  Over the past 3 years, most of the gardens have been replanted or significantly enhanced with native plants. The overarching plan for the Sanctuary gardens is to restore the gardens using only native plants that, once established, will require little to no watering.  The plant selections and garden composition place an emphasis on providing critical needs to songbirds, hummingbirds, butterflies, and pollinators. For butterflies, the plant selections provide for the spectrum of their needs from host plants for caterpillars to eat, to nectar sources for feeding adults throughout the summer.  A special emphasis has been placed on nectar availability for Monarch butterflies that migrate through Stone Harbor from August to October each year.

Garden Planting Maps

Detailed maps of many of the gardens are available so that you can visit the gardens and see the plants. – Plant Maps of Restored Gardens (2015-2016)

Native Plants at the Sanctuary

a listing of the plants in the gardens and information on their growing requirements and benefits can be found here.– Plant Index for Bird Sanctuary Gardens